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905: Student Attendance at School

Date: July 24, 2020

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Education Services



Sturgeon Public Schools believes regular school attendance is a significant contributing factor to student learning.


The Associate Superintendent Education Services will be responsible to maintain the procedure.


1. The Principal shall reference the importance of regular attendance in student/parent/guardian and teacher communications.

2. The Principal and staff shall encourage students to attend school on a regular basis and shall report student attendance to parents/guardians as outlined in these guidelines.

3. The parent/guardian shall be asked to advise the school if the student will not be in attendance on any given day.

4. If the school does not receive notice from the parent/guardian concerning a student's absence as required in Section 3 above, the school shall attempt to contact the parent/guardian and advise them of the student's absence.

5. Schools shall maintain accurate and timely records for student attendance and ensure these are available to parents/guardians through PowerSchool.

6. The school shall send an attendance report on a student to the parent/guardian if, in the opinion of the staff and school administration, a student's achievement is being adversely affected by lack of attendance. The school may request a meeting of school personnel, the student, and/or the parent/guardian, to discuss the student's attendance.

7. Notwithstanding Section 6 of these guidelines, elementary and junior high schools shall report student attendance to parents/guardians at each formal reporting period.

8. Notwithstanding Section 6 of these guidelines, senior high schools shall communicate with the student and parent/guardian regarding a student's attendance after ten (10) or more cumulative unexcused absences for all courses have been recorded.

9. If lack of attendance persists, following reasonable efforts by the school to remedy same, the Principal shall contact the Associate Superintendent Education Services or designate, who may institute proceedings as provided for in the Education Act.



Board Policy: 900 Student Conduct and Discipline

Education Act: Sections 45 - 50

Alberta Education Guide to Education: ECS to Grade 12