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910: Student Illness or Accident

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Education Services



Sturgeon Public Schools recognizes that situations may arise where a student is injured or becomes ill. In some situations, where students remain at school, the school shall make a reasonable effort to contact the parent/guardian and to make the student comfortable.

The Division also recognizes that, in some instances, the health needs of the ill or injured student are best served by the transportation of such student(s) to an appropriate medical facility. When responding to emergency medical situations, staff shall determine the safest possible means of transportation.

Sturgeon Public Schools recognizes that emergency medical transportation authorized by a staff member is the safest possible means of transportation.

Division staff members are expected to take any action to provide medical assistance as would be expected of any reasonable adult.

Reasonable effort shall be made to secure parent/guardian transport of ill or injured students.


The Associate Superintendent, Education Services, shall be responsible for administering this Administrative Procedure.


1. Where, in the opinion of the Principal or designate, an ill or injured student may remain at school, the Principal or designate shall:

1.1 Attempt to notify the parent/guardian of the extent of the illness or injury.

1.2 Take the student to the medical room and arrange for the student's comfort.

1.3 Ensure reasonable supervision of the student while in the medical room.

1.4 In case of injury, record the incident on the "Student Injury Report Form".

1.4.1 For injuries requiring a physician or ambulance, the original of this report must be forwarded to the Associate Superintendent Corporate Services and a copy retained in the school.

2. If consideration is given to sending an ill or injured student home from school, the Principal or designate shall:

2.1 Contact parent/guardian by telephone, at home or place of work, to ensure the student is escorted home, or to a designated agreed upon location.

2.2 Keep the student at school until the parent/guardian is contacted.

3. In cases where a concussion is suspected or diagnosed, refer to the Concussion Protocol Flow Chart (attached).

4. Where, in the opinion of the Principal or designate, an ill or injured student must be transported to a medical facility, the employee shall:

4.1 Notify the parent/guardian, if possible, of the extent of the illness or injury.

4.2 Arrange for transportation from the following transportation modes:

4.2.1 transport by the parent/guardian of the student;

4.2.2 transport in a vehicle owned by a properly certified ambulance service;

5. Where an employee of the Board accompanies the student during transportation, he/she shall be granted leave of absence from regular duty with full pay and benefits.

6. Where transportation occurs by means of a properly certificated ambulance driver:

6.1 A staff member or designate shall accompany the student, either within the ambulance or by private vehicle.

6.2 A staff member shall, as soon as it is practicable, submit a written report to the Principal detailing all circumstances.

6.3 All invoices for ambulance service are the responsibility of the parent. The School shall provide the parent all applicable forms to arrange for reimbursement from the Board Student Injury Policy Insurers.



Education Act: Sections 33, 52, 53, 196, 197

Concussion Management Protocol (located in the SPS Emergency Preparedness Response Plan Binder)

Sturgeon Public Schools Form – Student Injury Report


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2021 May 20 Amended