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615: School Facilities and Equipment Maintenance

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Corporate Services



The first priority of the Facilities Department is to facilitate comfortable and safe conditions for student learning. For safety and insurance purposes, a process has to be established that ensures consistent building maintenance standards exist throughout Sturgeon Public Schools. In the interests of using administration time effectively, it is prudent to ensure efficient communication processes are established that ensure as little time as possible is spent on administering work order requests. On-going maintenance is required to ensure that Division School buildings are comfortable and safe learning environments for students.


The Associate Superintendent Corporate Services will establish and monitor a system that facilitates effective and efficient processes to direct necessary building repair and maintenance requests.


1. The Director of Facilities is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all grounds in the Division. As such, any changes to grounds and/or buildings must receive prior approval of the Director of Facilities.

2. All grounds and building repairs/maintenance, including areas designated for joint- use, will be completed by Division Facilities staff or by individuals approved for same by the Director of Facilities upon receipt of a work order from the school, through requests via the Asset Planner system.

3. Annually, the Principal shall submit the name of a contact person to the Director of Facilities. All communication from the Facilities Department, involving repair and maintenance requests, will be channeled through the contact person who is responsible for the following:

3.1 Submitting requests.

3.2 Coordinating schedules for work to be completed.

3.3 Documenting the work and associated costs to the school.

4. Requests will be reviewed and estimated costs, including labour, at a rate of $50.00/hour will be provided to the school contact.

5. Principals must approve the estimate before the Director of Facilities allocates resources and schedules the work.

6. If the work is deemed urgent due to safety concerns, the process will be waived and the Director of Facilities, in consultation with the Principal and the Associate Superintendent Corporate Services, will direct the necessary repair/maintenance as appropriate.

7. Guidelines for Purchases

7.1 Work requests for the maintenance or repair of a component of the school building as designed and constructed and deemed necessary;

7.1.1 cost is the responsibility of SPS Facilities Department.

7.2 Work requests related to enhance, add or modify components of the building;

7.2.1 cost is the responsibility of the school. The school will be invoiced for the cost of materials and labour ($50/hour)



2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval