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605: Site and Playground Development Procedures

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent, Corporate Services



Sturgeon Public Schools encourages school councils and the community to be instrumental in the enhancement, development and beautification of schoolyards, playgrounds and recreation facilities that support both students and communities.

Divisional expertise is available to schools and their councils in a timely fashion, which promotes a better coordination of available resources.

Problems with regard to safety standards, unexpected maintenance problems and location concerns can be effectively dealt with.


The Director of Facilities shall act as an advisor to schools in the planning process to ensure initial scope of work meets the risk exposure, codes, standards, and operations/maintenance requirements of the Division.


1. The Principal of the school or designate of school personnel will be the contact person for all communications.

2. School personnel shall notify Central Office as soon as a proposed project is being considered.

3. The Director of Facilities will be the first contact as to examine viability, risk exposure, regarding insurance and proposed location.

4. Responsibility for maintenance, inspections, etc., will be determined before the project proceeds.

5. All projects must have a detailed specification, meet all applicable standards and codes, and have a detailed budget before the project commences.

6. After a project is complete, it becomes the sole property of the Division and will be maintained, revised or removed dependent on codes, standards and maintenance costs.

7. Any changes, upgrades or removals of equipment will be communicated to the school Principal and/or designate before changes take place.



Board Policy 225: Role of the Board


2020 Apr 22 Initial Approval