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530: Early Childhood Services

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Education Services


Integrated services are provided to address the developmental needs of each child before entrance into grade 1. ECS provides an environment for children to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare them for subsequent learning. Parents are partners in the education system and have an active role to ensure student success.


The Associate Superintendent, Education Services, will be responsible to maintain this procedure.


1. Early Childhood Services (ECS) shall be operated within the regulations and guidelines outlined by Alberta Education.

2. For grant approval purposes, the Superintendent or designate is responsible for carrying out and providing Alberta Education documented proof of:

2.1 establishing and maintaining legal status;

2.2 using approved facilities;

2.3 arranging for assessments of children for whom special needs grants will be claimed.

3. Professional development shall be provided to staff to ensure quality programming for the children.

4. ECS shall be monitored and evaluated in accordance with the Division System, School and Program Evaluation Procedure.

5. Specialist service shall be provided to assist in programs for children with diverse learning needs as required.


Board Policy:

305 School Councils

Admin Procedure:

240 System, School and Program Evaluation
715 Division Staff Development

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2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2020 Jul 24 Amended