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535: Learning Support Services

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Education Services


Sturgeon Public Schools recognizes the right of all students to have access to educational programming in accordance with the Education Act and accepts responsibility for the provision of educational services and programs.

The learning support of students with identified learning needs shall be met in the setting that best meets their needs and may involve:

  • accommodations of grade specific curriculum
  • access to targeted supports and/or skill-based interventions
  • collaboration with a multidisciplinary team to develop a holistic and comprehensive individualized program.

Student Learning Plans (S.L.P.) or Individualized Program Plans (I.P.P.) shall be developed for each student with identified learning needs.


1. The Associate Superintendent, Education Services or designate shall be responsible for ensuring timely access to learning support services for students with identified learning needs available within the context of the inclusive practices of the Division.

2. Under the direction of the Associate Superintendent, Education Services, the Director of Learning Support shall be responsible for monitoring and reviewing learning support practices and services and may consult with appropriate personnel, principals and teachers to determine if program goals for students with identified learning needs are met.

3. The Director of Learning Support shall be responsible for the development and maintenance of specific processes and procedures for accessing supports and services and review same with the Associate Superintendent, Education Services. These processes include:

3.1 identification of students with identified learning needs and/or disabling conditions which impact learning;

3.2 referral for individualized specialized assessment;

3.3 referral to a multidisciplinary team who shall collaborate with school-based staff regarding inclusive practices related to supporting universal, targeted and individualized/specialized interventions;

3.4 individualized program planning or specialized placement for students with identified complex and severe learning support needs;

3.5 evaluation of a student’s progress with identified learning needs through an Individual Program Plan.

4. Teachers of students with identified learning needs who require out of curriculum modifications shall develop an appropriate Individual Program Plan (IPP) for each student. The plan will identify:

4.1 pertinent information relative to student’s strengths and learning needs, including specialized assessment and other diagnostic information;

4.2 specific goals addressed in the plan;

4.3 accommodations, learning interventions and strategies developed to support these goals;

4.4 indicators of success and assessment procedures to ensure ongoing evaluation of the plan and student growth;

4.5 review dates, results and recommendations.

5. Decisions concerning specialized program placement within the Division will be based on appropriate student assessments and made in consultation with school-based teams, parents/guardians, Director of Learning Support and other stakeholders involved in the student’s Individualized Program Plan.

6. Each school shall identify the key professional responsible for coordinating, facilitating and monitoring each student’s program.


Student Transportation Education Act: Sections 11, 19, 32, 40, 197


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2020 Jul 24 Amended