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540: Communication Plan for Alexander First Nation Students

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Education Services


Alexander First Nation students attend Sturgeon Public Schools under an agreement that we will provide educational services to students funded by the resident educational authority. Sturgeon Public Schools will provide Alexander First Nation education authority with timely information regarding the progress of their students.


The Associate Superintendent, Education Services will be responsible for administering this Administrative Procedure.


1. Parents of all Alexander First Nation resident students attending Sturgeon Public Schools under the enrolment code 330 will be informed that student information will be released to Alexander First Nation for the purpose of reporting progress to that authority.

2. Access to Power School Parent Portal for Alexander First Nation students attending our schools will be available to Alexander First Nation in order to provide student progress information in the following areas:

2.1 Student report cards;

2.2 Attendance reports;

2.3 Student conduct reports;

3. On request by Alexander First Nation, the principal will provide the following information where applicable:

3.1 Student psychological assessment results;

3.2 Program placement recommendations;

3.3 Provincial achievement results;

3.4 Provincial diploma exam results;

3.5 Individual Program Plans (IPP)

4. School principals are responsible to provide information and an invitation to Alexander First Nation regarding relevant:

4.1 Individual case conferences;

4.2 School and program orientations and open houses;

4.3 School awards ceremonies;

5. The Associate Superintendent, Education Services will facilitate two meetings annually regarding programming for students involving school administration and Alexander First Nation in September and January. End of year reporting will be facilitated at the schools.

6. Requests by Alexander First Nation for admission of students under tuition agreement will be reviewed by the Associate Superintendent Education Services for approval and for resource determination that might impact funding requirements.


Alexander First Nation Education Services Agreement


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2020 Jul 24 Amended