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580: Non-Resident/Non-Attendance Area Student Transportation

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Corporate Services



Sturgeon Public Schools student transportation system was established to provide transportation for students who are residents of this system.

Students who do not reside in this jurisdiction, hereinafter called non-resident students, may be permitted access to the transportation system, provided sufficient seating accommodation and resources are available on the appropriate bus.

Sturgeon Public Schools may establish non-resident student transportation fees to be reviewed annually.

Resident and non-resident students who choose to attend a school other than their designated school assume responsibility for their transportation to school; however, School of Choice busing services may be made available, with an appropriate fee attached.


The Associate Superintendent Corporate Services will be responsible for maintaining this Administrative Procedure.


1. Transportation requests for non-resident students are to be directed to the Coordinator, Transportation Services, who will determine transportation availability. Upon determination, the Coordinator shall advise the school and/or the caregiver/parent.

2. Sturgeon Public Schools will correspond with the resident school jurisdiction and request a transportation agreement for non-resident students, whenever feasible, and possible. A standard format, for requiting transportation agreements, shall be directed to the resident school jurisdiction yearly.



Board Policy: 310 Non-Funded Students


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval