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550: Contract Bus Service

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Corporate Services


School bus contracts should be awarded to the most qualified applicant. The process for increasing or reducing the capacity of the Board’s contract school bus fleet shall be fair and equitable to all concerned.


The Associate Superintendent Corporate Services shall maintain this Administrative Procedure.


1. The Coordinator of Transportation Services may engage a school bus contractor on an emergency basis (for a period not to exceed a total of 20 operating days in each instance).

2. When it is necessary to contract an additional school bus or buses, the Coordinator of Transportation Services shall advertise the services required on the Division website and will also forward to all school bus contractors currently under contract with the Board.

3. Applicants shall be short-listed and interviewed by a committee consisting of the Associate Superintendent Corporate Services, the Coordinator of Transportation Services, and a Representative from Human Resources as designated by the Superintendent.

3.1 Prior to the interview, the committee will determine the criteria for the interview process.

3.2 When the selection is complete, the committee will advise the Superintendent of their recommendation.

3.3 The Associate Superintendent Corporate Services shall advise the Trustees on the decision of the Superintendent recommendation.

4. To be considered for a school bus contract, an applicant should have met or exceeded the following conditions:

4.1 Provided the names of three (3) references who have been contacted, attesting to the general good character of the applicant and the applicant’s ability to operate a business and provide service as a school bus contractor.

4.2 Provided a driver’s abstract for the proposed regular and spare drivers of the school bus to be used to fulfill the contract requirements.

4.3 Agreed to provide a school bus with a model year, not in excess of eight (8) years of age.

5. When all the previously listed conditions are equally met by two (2) or more applicants, the school bus contract shall be awarded to the applicant who is best suited to provide the service required for the current contract school bus opportunity.

6. The following criteria will be considered by the Coordinator of Transportation Services in making a decision as to which school bus or contract(s) should be recommended for termination:

6.1 Relative level of past service:

6.1.1 reliability of equipment

6.1.2 attitude and cooperation of contractor and driver

6.1.3 number of legitimate recorded complaints

6.1.4 punctuality

6.2 The proximity of existing contractors to available routes and their willingness to relocate as required.

6.3 Age of contracted school bus.

6.4 Where a reasonable recommendation for the termination of a contract(s) cannot be achieved using the above criteria, the contract(s) with the least tenure with the Board shall be recommended for termination.

7. The holder of a contract that has been terminated in accordance with the criteria outlined in this administrative procedure may appeal the termination of contact to the Board of Trustees. Application to appeal must be reviewed within ten (10) days of the Notice of Termination.


Policy: 500 Student Transportation Services 


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval