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575: Suspension of School Bus Privileges

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Corporate Services



Sturgeon Public Schools believes that if it is to provide safe transportation service for its resident students that the behaviour of students who are passengers on school buses must be controlled and orderly at all times.

The Division believes that students who misbehave while passengers on a school bus should be subject to disciplinary measures.


The Associate Superintendent Corporate Services shall maintain this Administrative Procedure.


1. School bus drivers are responsible for the safety and welfare of these students.

2. Students have a responsibility to act in a proper and orderly manner at all times on the bus and are to respond promptly to all reasonable requests and directions of the school bus driver.

3. The Principal of the school at which the student is in attendance has the authority and the responsibility to discipline a student who misbehaves while a passenger on a school bus.

4. A copy of the Sturgeon Public Schools School Bus Regulations shall be sent home with each transported student each school year.

5. A copy of the rules and regulations shall be posted in all school buses and explained to students by the bus operator at the beginning of each school year.

6. Parents are responsible for students prior to the school bus arriving and after the school bus departs from designated pickup locations.

7. Student(s) responsible will be assessed for damages resulting from acts of vandalism.

8. In every instance of misbehaviour of a student or students who are passengers on a school bus, the school bus operator shall follow the Student Misconduct Procedure.

9. Where the Principal and parents/caregivers are unable to satisfactorily correct the behaviour of the student, the Principal will alert the Coordinator, Transportation Services.

10. If the Principal or designate decides, in consultation with the Coordinator, Transportation Services that a suspension of school bus privileges is warranted, the following conditions shall apply:

10.1 The Principal or designate shall inform the student’s parents of the suspension and shall report in writing to the student’s parents all the circumstances respecting the suspension.

10.2 Where a student’s school bus privileges have been suspended and this suspension will be for a period of a duration longer than five (5) school days from the date of the suspension, the Principal shall inform the Board of the suspension in accordance with the terms of Section 36 of The Education Act of Alberta and Board Policy 900, Student Conduct.

10.3 The Coordinator, Transportation Services shall inform the school bus operator and contractor of the suspension of school bus privileges.


Exhibit 1 - Flow Chart Of Student Misconduct
Exhibit 2 - Transportation Rules And Regulations

Board Policy:
500 Student Transportation Services
900 Student Conduct and Discipline


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval