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570: School Bus Crash Response Procedures

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Corporate Services



If a school bus is involved in a single or multi-vehicle collision, school bus operators and Sturgeon Public Schools staff should respond in a prompt and responsible manner to safeguard the well-being of school bus passengers and the public at large.


The Associate Superintendent Corporate Services shall maintain this Administrative Procedure.


1. All school bus operators shall be familiar with school bus emergency response and evacuation procedures.

2. The Division will provide all school bus operators with an opportunity to attend emergency first aid training courses.

3. In the instance of a collision, with any other object, the school bus is to be stopped immediately regardless of how slight or insignificant the collision appears to be.

3.1 Bring the bus to a complete stop, turn off the ignition, apply the parking brake and, if possible, turn on the 4-way warning lights.

4. The bus operator, after being in a collision and having stopped the bus, shall immediately assess the scene of the incident. If there are any injured passengers, first attention must be given to those passengers who have ceased breathing.

4.1  If it is practical, that is if the bus is not on fire or likely to catch fire, overturned or likely to overturn or stopped in a location where it may be hit by an oncoming vehicle, the passengers should remain on the bus.

4.2  If the passengers cannot safely remain on the bus, the bus operator shall evacuate the passengers to a safe location away from the bus.

4.3  Immediately after having determined whether or not the bus should be evacuated or upon completion of the emergency evacuation, school authorities shall be notified of all circumstances regarding the crash scene.

4.4 School authorities shall be notified by the mobile two-way radio system or by a phone call.

4.5  If the collision results in inquiries, or where there is suspicion of injuries, all passengers shall be sent to hospital for a medical assessment.

5. The Coordinator, Transportation Services will be responsible for the reporting the details of school bus incidents to the Superintendent.

6. The Coordinator, Transportation Services shall maintain records of all incidents for a period of five (5) years.



Board Policy: 500 Transportation


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval