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260: Conduct of Board Meetings

Responsible Administrator: Superintendent


Effectiveness and transparency of decision-making are facilitated by conducting regular and committee meetings (virtually and in-person) with clearly defined procedures that are communicated clearly to the public.

The Board believes that input and feedback on educational issues from stakeholders is of value and, as such, supports opportunities for the Board of Trustees to hear from and engage with the public.

Sturgeon Public School Division Committee of the Whole and Public Board Meetings offer scheduled opportunities for the public to address the Board of Trustees.


The Superintendent or designate is responsible for maintaining this Administrative Procedure.


Questions or Comments from the Public

1. Committee of the Whole Meeting.

    Agenda Section 10.0 Question Period

1.1   The public may type a question or comment in the online meeting Administration will record the question, acknowledge in the chat that the question has been recorded and a response will be provided by Administration or the Board of Trustees following the Committee of the Whole Meeting in a timely manner.

2.  Public Board Meeting

     Agenda Section 13.0 Comment & Question Period

2.1   The public may ask a question of the Board. To ask a question of the Board, the speaker must raise their hand in the chat, wait to be called upon by the Board Chair and have their camera on. The Chair will ask the speaker to state his or her name, and the question to be addressed. The Board Chair shall answer the question or direct the question to the Superintendent.

3.  The Board will not permit negative statements being made about particular individuals or schools whether named or identifiable by the context. As stated in policy 235 Conduct of Board Meetings article 2.8.6, should a speaker utter comments that are disruptive, or negatively impact any person or entity, the speaker will be removed from the meeting.

4.  Questions or Comments with respect to the following issues will not be permitted:

a.   the security of the property of The Sturgeon Public School Division,

b.  personal information of an individual, including but not limited to a student, an employee, or a group  thereof, of The Sturgeon Public School Division,

c.  a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of property by or for The Sturgeon Public School Division,

d.   labour relations or employee negotiations,

e.  a law enforcement matter, litigation, or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals affecting The Sturgeon Public School Division, or

f.  the consideration of a request for access for information under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

5. With the exception of the Board Chair, who may provide clarification as required, Trustees will not make comments or ask questions of the speaker.



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2021 Oct 13 Initial Approval