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243: School Education Plans and Annual Results Report

Responsible Administrator: Deputy Superintendent, Education Services


All Principals are required to prepare annual school education plans that are in alignment with the Division's Three-Year Education Plan.


The Deputy Superintendent, Education Services is responsible to administer in a reasonable manner this Administrative Procedure.


1.  All school plans and results reports must meet provincial and Division requirements.

2.  School plans, results reports, and budgets must be prepared by the Principal in collaboration with staff, school council, and where applicable, students.

3.  School plans and results reports, aligned with the Division Three-Year Education Plan, are to
be submitted to the Superintendent and posted on the school website by November 30th of
each year.

4.  School plans and results reports will be shared in the fall with the school council. This annual
report will include a five-year trend analysis of Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma

5.  The Superintendent will ensure that each Principal presents the school plan and results
report to the Board annually.

6.  The Superintendent will ensure that each Principal has an opportunity to present their school plan and results report annually to a group of their peers to promote growth within the Division.


Education Act:  Sections 18, 33, 51, 53, 55, 66, 67, 222
Guide to Education
School Councils Regulation


2023 Jan 18 Initial Approval