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464: Fees

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Corporate Services


Fees are assessed to students to offset the cost of providing educational and transportation services. Fees shall be utilized for the purpose which it was obtained


School Fees: shall refer to fees charged by the schools to enhance student learning opportunities; including field trip fees, event fees, student union fees, middle and high school option courses and instrument fees.

Transportation Fees: shall refer to fees that are charged for bus services for transportation to and from school.

Adult Fees: shall refer to fees charged to a student who is 20 years of age or older by the start of the school year. The Alberta Government will no longer fund education for students who are 20 years of age as outlined in the 2023-2024 Funding Manual and those wishing to acquire a high school diploma (or equivalent) must cover the cost of their education.

Extra-curricular Fees:  shall refer to fees, charged on a cost recovery basis, for non-curricular items such as sports, clubs, travel, and other non-curriculum programs. Participation in an extra-curricular activity is on a voluntary basis.

Non-resident Tuition Fees: shall refer to tuition fees, with respect of an individual who attends a school operated by the board, and who is not a resident student of the board or any other board or the Government, and as legislated in the Education Act s. 13(2).

Designated School: shall refer to the school, assigned by the Board to a specific geographical area, and as legislated by the Education Act (S.10): "Enrolment in school operated by board".

Eligible Rider - any Pre-K to Grade 6 student/child who lives 1.0 km or farther from their designated school and attends their designated school, and any Grade 7 to 12 student who lives 2.0 km or farther from their designated school and attends their designated school.

Choice Rider  - any student who attends a school other than their designated school.

  • This excludes French Immersion and Redwater students enrolled in CTS programming at Sturgeon Composite High School, not offered at Redwater. These students will be assessed an Eligible Rider fee.

Ineligible Rider - any Pre-K to Grade 6 student/child who lives less than 1.0 km from their school of attendance and any Grade 7 to 12 student who lives less than 2.0 km from their school of attendance.

Supplemental Bus - any student who is accessing an additional bus to an alternate address.

Outside Boundary Rider - any student who lives outside of the Sturgeon Public School Division boundary and attends a Sturgeon Public School.


The Board shall annually approve the type and amount of fees that may be charged by the Division as part of the budget process to ensure effective stewardship of the Board's resources [Education Act s. 33(1)(i)].

No parent shall pay a fee to offset basic educational services, or that is prohibited under provincial legislation, the Alberta School Fees Regulation, and the Alberta School Transportation Regulation.

The Principal shall ensure the return of any underutilized fees as specifically levied for an activity or event as prudent to do so.

The Principal may assign fees at the school within the limits set by the Board on a cost recovery basis. Prior to charging the fee, the Principal shall consult with the School Council on the amount and the reason for the fee. This consultation shall:

  • Ensure the fees are on the School Council agenda to provide all parents with the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback; and
  • Provide sufficient information as to the purpose of the fee and its intended use.

School Fee schedules shall be posted on each school's website and shall clearly define Division Fees and School Fees, in addition to mandatory versus optional fees. 

The Fee Schedule shall be posted electronically on the Division website.

A student transferring in after the start of the school term or out prior to the end of the school term, may have fees prorated or refunded as applicable. Requests for refunds from families transferring out of the Division during the school year will be assessed based on fee type, usage, and time of year.

Collection of Fees

The Associate Superintendent, Corporate Services is responsible for ensuring the collection of fees.

All fees are due within 30 days of receipt. Overdue notices will be sent to parents who have not submitted payments. A payment plan may be established for transportation fees. Once Transportation Fees are paid, Bus Passes shall be obtained.

In December and March, a notice will be sent to parents with delinquent accounts. Outstanding accounts, other than those on payment plans or approved requests for waived fees, may be placed with a collection agency. 

Waiver of Fees

An Application for Waiver of Fees shall be made available, based on income level or extenuating circumstances of all parents as defended by s. 47 of the Family Law Act  unless there is a court order that directs financial responsibility.

The Application for Waiver of Fees shall be completed, the final decision for such waiver rests with the Associate Superintendent, Corporate Services.

An Application for Waiver of Fees will not be considered for non-resident students or families with children attending a School of Choice.

Fees for Damaged Goods

Principals shall be responsible for ensuring that all curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular goods are returned by students and the appropriate charges are assessed for lost or damaged goods.


Any concerns and disputes regarding the fees will follow the process as outlined in Policy 245 - Appeals.


Board Policy: 225 Role of the Board
Board Policy: 500 Student Transportation Services
Education Act: Sections 13, 57, 59
School Fees Alberta Regulation
School Transportation Alberta Regulation 96/2019
Exhibit 1 - Fees for 2024-2025 
Exhibit 2 - Fee Waiver Application


2023 August 23