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225: APPENDIX A - Advocacy Plan

Appendix A - Advocacy Plan

In their ongoing commitment to excellence in public education and student success in Sturgeon Public Schools, the Board of Trustees has developed an advocacy framework that establishes the priority areas of focus for the Board in the coming years. While specific strategies and measures will evolve in response to the needs of the division and the communities being served, the initial focus will be on the following Key Priorities:

ENHANCE student participation and involvement in decisions that affect their education and school experience.

ENGAGE people in their communities to build value for and facilitate their participation in the public education of our students.

ESTABLISH relationships with external organizations to broaden support for schools, facilitate new opportunities for funding, and enhance student and community wellbeing.

ENCOURAGE innovation in Division projects that are directly related to enhancing student achievement and success.

As the Board’s Advocacy Plan continues to evolve, increased information and specificity will be added, along with updates relative to progress being made in the accomplishment of priority area goals and outcomes.