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235: APPENDIX D - Trustee Remuneration

Trustee Remuneration

Chair $22,536
Vice Chair $21,511
Trustees (5x20,486) $102,430
Professional Development (7x3,143) $22,001

The principles of trustee remuneration shall include a basic honorarium for trustees, which provides for all services rendered by a trustee to attend:

1. Regular, Committee and Special Board meetings;
2. Division meetings with staff, parents and/or students;
3. Meetings with other School Boards, local municipalities and government-elected officials and personnel;
School Council meetings;
4. Staff Recognition, Welcome Back Breakfast, Christmas Luncheon and School Openings, as Board functions/events 5. organized by the Board;
6. Attendance at school events/celebrations, concerts, productions and/or activities;
7. Attendance at social functions of the staff;
8. Informal, unsolicited school or office visits and individual meetings with members of the staff or public;
9. Attendance at graduation/school awards ceremonies;
10. Attendance at extra-curricular school activities; and
11. Superintendent Informal Evaluation as the only employee of the Board.

Per Diem Allowance

In addition to the basic honoraria, a per diem allowance is available to trustees to cover the costs of attending those activities not provided for in the basic honorarium. 

12. ASBA Zone Meetings (designate and alternate can claim);
13. Alberta Education Meetings/Events;
14. PSBAA Zone Meetings (designate and alternate can claim);
15. Attendance at meetings held by other organizations to which the Board appoints a representative (example: Community Service Advisory Board);
16. Board Retreat, school tours and school presentations;
17. Professional Development (Relevant to the role of Trustee);
18. TEBA Meetings;
19. ASBA/PSBAA Conferences;
20. Discipline Hearings;
21. Negotiations - 7th Meeting onward (including 7th meeting); and
22. Superintendent Formal Evaluation as the only employee of the Board.

Claiming of this allowance shall be done in half day increments (4 hours), inclusive of travel.

Half Day Rate - $75.00

Full Day Rate - $150.00

Other Expenses

The Division shall pay or reimburse trustees for the following expenses, receipt must be attached, related to:

23. Registration;
24. Parking;
25. Meals;
      25.1  Without receipt - $10.00 for breakfast, $14.00 for lunch and $22.00 for dinner where vouchers are not available; or
      25.2 Amount on the receipt (the Division will not reimburse alcohol purchases).
26. Accommodation.