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335: Appendix A: Remembrance Day Protocol

Appendix A: Remembrance Day Protocol
Sturgeon Public Schools Remembrance Day Handbook for SPS Staff

Order of the Remembrance Day Ceremony

All Stand

1. Entry of the Colour Party (flag bearers) and entrance of Guests and Dignitaries

Be Seated

2. Welcome and Land Acknowledgment
Acknowledgement of Guests and Dignitaries (regrets noted)

Order of Introduction

  • School Trustee/Trustees
  • School Administration
  • Central Office Representatives 
  • RCMP Members
  • Town/City Dignitaries
  • Guests of Honour (and Military Police) 
  • Legion Members

All Stand

3. O’Canada

Be Seated

4. Opening Remarks

5. Guest speaker(s) and the recitation of poems and special presentations

6. Placement  of Wreaths

  • Classroom Representatives
  • School Administration (if applicable)
  • Special Guests (if applicable)
  • Military Personnel (if applicable)

All Stand

7. Last Post, Two Minutes of Silence and Rouse

8. Act of Remembrance

a. The Act of Remembrance is normally recited by a Veteran (if one is present)(A Guide to Commemorative Ceremonies).

9. Commitment to Remember

a. The Commitment to Remember is normally recited by a young person (A Guide to Commemorative Ceremonies).

Be Seated

10. Concluding Remarks 

a. The MC may wish to thank everyone for their attendance, especially the special guests and the organizers. In traditional ceremonies, the MC will invite everyone to sing God Save the King prior to the departure of the dignitaries and the marching out of the Colour Party and military parade(A Guide to Commemorative Ceremonies).

All Stand

11. The Colour Party exits the gym followed by the procession of Guests and Dignitaries

12. Staff and students exit the gym