Congratulations to our 2023 Volleyball Allstars!

Nov 16, 2023

We are proud to announce our Junior High Volleyball Allstars for the 2023 season! These athletes were selected by their respective coaches for their commitment to excellence both on and off the court. Congratulations to each of these student athletes on their achievement: 

Four Winds Public School

Dacie Allen

"Dacie Allen has been chosen as one of our all-stars this year as she consistently demonstrates teamwork, commitment and sportsmanship. This year, Dacie took on a new role as a setter; she accepted this challenge with appreciation and dedication. Her coachable personality and eagerness to be on the court gave her the ability to quickly improve and be an effective teammate in her new position. Having Dacie on the team is a treat to everyone involved, as her bubbly personality is uplifting during each and every occasion: practice, game, win or lose… Be proud of yourself, as we all are!"

Charles Bedard

"Charles came to Four Winds Public School this year as a brand new student and made an immediate impact on the team. He was a vocal leader on the court and was very adaptable; he was able to play in any position on the court that was asked of him, and did so exceptionally well. He has a bright future in the sport and I can’t wait to see him flourish in high school."

Emma McTaggart-Herbert

"Emma McTaggart-Herbert has been chosen as one of our all-stars, as her ability to be a role model and lead the team has proven to be an irreplaceable and appreciated attribute. Emma not only helps lead the team to victory with her outstanding level of competency on the court, but she also demonstrates leadership with her positive attitude and desire to improve. As coaches and teammates, we are able to put trust in Emma as these traits are consistently demonstrated each and every day. Congratulations Emma, you have earned this!"

Cohen Lemire 

"Cohen was our only returning player from last year’s championship team. He was a “lead by example” kind of player. He always worked hard at practice and displayed a calm, cool demeanor on the court that helped keep his teammates steady at all times. It was an absolute pleasure coaching Cohen these last two years and I wish him nothing but the best in his future volleyball endeavors."

Gibbons School 

Gage St. Louis 

"Gage was new to the volleyball team this year, and he took to the sport quickly! He was a great role model for the younger team members, and an all-around all-star on the Gibbons Grizzlies!"

Jacen Rybie

"Jacen was the captain of the Gibbons Grizzlies. Jacen is an all-star because he showed great leadership on his team, and was always striving to do his best both on the court and in practice."

Daeyln Smerychynski 

"Daeyln was an effective player this season and always took it upon herself to display enthusiasm on the court. Her infectious enthusiasm not only elevated the team's spirit, but also inspired them to push their limits."

Aya Neithercut

"Aya was a consistent leader throughout the season, and would always go the extra mile to save plays and secure valuable points for our team. She has a keen understanding of the game and consistently made precise passes and powerful shots!"

Guthrie School

CJ Burtt

"CJ's consistent hard work during both games and practices, coupled with his exceptional verbal leadership, distinguishes him as an all-star on our team this season. Great work, CJ!"

Makayla McGrath

"Makayla is a well-rounded player who not only possesses exceptional individual skills, but also contributes positively to the team dynamic through teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship. Congratulations Makayla McGrath! You have been selected as a 2023 Sturgeon School Division ALL Star!"

Deriana Morrison-Thorn

"An All Star volleyball player combines athleticism, smart and calculated play, in-depth knowledge of the game, and a strong competitive spirit. This well-rounded combination describes Deriana perfectly. Her skill set allows her to contribute both individually and strategically to the team. Deriana Morrison-Thorn, congratulations on being selected as a 2023 Sturgeon School Division Volleyball All Star!"

Easton Bryan

"Easton leads the Guthrie Gators team by example. He possesses a combination of both athletic prowess and leadership, exemplifying his qualities through actions rather than mere words."

Lilian Schick School

Fabio Sete

"Fabio has been an incredible force on the Lilian Schick Knights team this season! He organized drills, continuously improved, and challenged his opponents with his powerful serves and hits. Congratulations, Fabio!"

Cullin Camarta 

"Cullin is a swift and versatile player on the Lilian Schick team! He has excelled in all positions throughout the season and continues to learn and improve his hits, serves, and sets."

Brynn Molnar

"Brynn is a two-time all-star award recipient with a powerful serve. She is a gifted athlete whose skill matches her determination and effort on the court. She has been an extremely valuable asset to the Knights team!"

Kaytlin Brown

"Kaytlin is a returning senior player whose game sense and consistency allow her to excel on the court. She is a supportive teammate and uses her height to end rallies in well-placed hits or strong blocks."

Sturgeon Heights School

Maxx George

"This volleyball season, Maxx switched from our setting position to libero. Despite being new to the position, he took to it like a natural, and made countless important plays for our team. Maxx was tenacious and determined, and we have no doubt that he will be a force to reckon with next year."

Ty Funk

"Ty's confidence at the net soared this year, showcasing his exceptional jumping skills to deliver impactful blocks and a multitude of impressive hits for the Eagles. Your contributions this season have been truly commendable, Ty!"

Ayla Whitney

"Ayla consistently exhibits precision in her setting and serves, proving to be a reliable and adept player. Whether as a setter or server, she consistently steps up in crucial moments. Ayla's excellence on the court is complemented by her unwavering support for teammates, making her not only a fantastic player but also a valuable team player."

Annika Boddez

"Annika excels as both a powerful hitter and a skilled server, maintaining remarkable consistency on the court. A dynamic force, she not only showcases her prowess but also assumes a leadership role, motivating and inspiring her teammates during play."

Redwater School

Shaye Wood

"Shaye emerged as a dedicated and exceptional team player this season, consistently uplifting those around him with enthusiastic high fives and words of encouragement. His continuous improvement throughout the season reflects his commitment and hard work. Outstanding performance, Shaye!"

Payton Carter

"Payton served as a determined leader on the court, consistently putting forth her best effort, tracking down balls, and actively contributing to the improvement of those around her. Exceptional performance this season, Payton!"

Isabelle Burke

"Isabelle epitomized the kind of athlete you aspire to be on the court. Her infectious smile and positive demeanor created a ripple effect, uplifting teammates around her. Her energy and eagerness to learn new skills made collaborating with her a delightful experience. Congratulations on a fantastic year, Isabelle!"

James Lewyk

"James demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities throughout the season, extending beyond just games and encompassing practices and off-court interactions. His commitment to skill development was evident, as he consistently sought to refine his abilities, making him a highly coachable athlete. Congratulations on a fantastic season, James!"

Namao School

Jaime Wildfong

Jaime has demonstrated unparalleled leadership both on and off the court, setting a continuous example and uplifting, motivating, and guiding her teammates. Jaime excels playing multiple positions and consistently performs exceptionally during crucial moments of the game.

Akeria Sinclair

Akeria has a remarkable work ethic, relentless tenacity, and outstanding leadership qualities. She has performed at a high level throughout the season, continuously striving to make strategic and tactical plays, which distinguish her as a standout volleyball player.

Maxton Hartman

Max shined as the team captain. He has demonstrated dedication to the sport and leads through encouragement. He is supportive of his teammates and quick to give them a reason to laugh or be proud of themselves. He leads drills, creates plays, and loves to be unpredictable. I look forward to watching him grow as a player as he moves to high school.

Carson Hurtubise

Carson was new to the school this year and while he had a desire to prove himself, he settled in and earned his spot. Always being willing to try new things, encourage others, and lead by example has earned Carson this privilege. His constant smile and positive attitude were a great addition to the team.


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