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215: Community Partnerships

Responsible Administrator: Superintendent


Strong community partnerships are integral to building strong schools and strong communities.

Sturgeon Public Schools believes that community partnerships encourage schools to:

  • Cooperate with community agencies in the development of programs and services.
  • Establish and maintain close communication with families in the neighbourhood.
  • Reflect on Division and Community Values.
  • Contribute to a strong community in support of public education.


The Superintendent or designate will be responsible to administer this Administrative Procedure.


  1. All partnerships with the Division or at the school level require the approval of the Superintendent
  2. Before granting approval, the Superintendent will inform the Board of significant proposed community partnerships.
  3. All partnerships must be evaluated annually.
  4. The extent of the implementation of community school projects or programs will be subject to the availability of funds and compliance with other Administrative Procedures.


Board Policy: 605 Use of School Buildings

Admin Procedure: 320 Volunteers 


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2022 Mar 23 Amended