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305: SPS Emergency Preparedness Response Plan

Responsible Administrator: Superintendent


Sturgeon Public Schools recognizes its responsibility to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety and welfare of students and staff in the event of emergency circumstances.

The SPS Emergency Preparedness Response Plan works in conjunction with other local emergency agencies. Individual school plans, along with the Division Plan, are reviewed annually and after an emergency occurs.

There is an on-site, School Emergency Response Team (SERT) at each SPS school, along with a Division-based Administrative Command Team (ACT) that provides support and aid to schools at the time of an emergency. All Division staff are regularly trained on emergency protocols and drills are practiced at each school.

Standardized protocols and procedures provide the basis for response, however, the way in which the Division responds to an emergency is greatly influenced by the specifics of the incident.

The Division collaborates closely with local emergency personnel to ensure plans are coordinated with appropriate agencies. The Division’s plans do not replace the authority of law enforcement, fire or EMS. All Division staff work in full co-operation with these agencies.


  • The Superintendent or Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Director is responsible for the process of maintaining guidelines for the Sturgeon Public Schools Emergency Preparedness Response Plan.
  • The Superintendent or Information Officer is responsible for coordinating all communications with the media during emergency situations.
  • The Incident Commander (most responsible person in emergency circumstances) for a school is the Principal and for Central Service is the Superintendent or Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Director.
  • School principal responsibility in emergencies is to act in a reasonable manner and with full regard for the safety and well-being of all students.


1. Central Services will maintain a division Emergency Preparedness Response Plan, which schools will use to respond appropriately to emergency circumstances.

1.1 Central Services will maintain a division Administrative Command Team (ACT) and schools will maintain a site-based School Emergency Response Team (SERT).

1.2 The division Administrative Command Team (ACT) provides support to individual schools during emergency situations.

1.3 The site-based School Emergency Response Team (SERT) responds to emergency situations according to the protocols as developed in the Emergency Preparedness Response Plans.

2. All Division employee members are to be knowledgeable about the Division’s Emergency Preparedness Response Plan and shall fulfill their duties accordingly.

3. The Principal and Superintendent or EOC Director are responsible for reviewing division and school Emergency Preparedness Response Plans with all employees each school year.

4. In an emergency situation, the Principal and Superintendent or designate will follow the procedures as outlined in the Sturgeon Public Schools Emergency Preparedness Response Plan.

5. Under certain emergency circumstances, a Principal may close a school following consultation with the Superintendent.

6. During severe weather conditions:

6.1 It is expected that staff shall report for duty.

6.2 Staff shall accept all students that arrive at school.

6.3 If the Superintendent or designate suspends school bus transportation services, teachers will not conduct examinations, nor introduce new curriculum.

6.4 Parents bringing their children to school on days the school bus does not operate, shall be responsible for picking up their children at the end of the school day or making other arrangements.

6.5 Absences by students for transportation challenges that include bus failure, decision of a contractor not to operate, or suspension of transportation services by the Superintendent or designate, shall be deemed excusable, and shall also not affect the granting of credit in high school courses.

7. The Principal and Superintendent or designate shall:

7.1 Coordinate professional development activities to support the Emergency Preparedness Response Plan.

7.2 Follow the procedures for the proper documentation of incidents.

7.3 Follow procedures for coordinating municipal services in the event of an emergency.

7.4 Follow the communication plan for employees, media, parents, students and the public.

7.5 Ensure that the emergency supply list is maintained as outlined in the Division Emergency Preparedness Response Plan.

8. The Principal shall:

8.1 Conduct training and drills to help better prepare students and staff for possible emergency situations.

8.2 Conduct drills throughout the year to rehearse emergency procedures (refer to AP245 Health and Safety).

8.2.1 Each school shall perform a lockdown at least two times each year.

8.2.2 Each school shall perform six fire drills each year.

8.3 Include  a copy of the Sturgeon Public Schools Emergency Preparedness Program Guide for Students, Parents and Guardians in their school newsletter and share with School Council no later than November 1st of each school year.


Board Policy: 320 Inclement Weather
Admin Procedure: 245 Health and Safety
Hour Zero Crisis Consulting Ltd.
Alberta Fire Code


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2022 Feb 7 Amended