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721: Teachers and Professional Development

Responsible Administrator: Superintendent



Sturgeon Public Schools teachers benefit from opportunities to continue to develop skills and acquire knowledge in order to meet the needs of students.


The Superintendent or designate is responsible for maintaining this Administrative Procedure.


1. All professional staff employees are responsible for identifying their professional growth needs and preparing and executing a Professional Growth Plan as identified in regulations and legislation.

2. Professional staff employees are expected to participate in staff development activities subject to budget limitations and time availability.

3. Each Principal shall supervise and monitor Professional Growth Plans as identified in regulations and legislation.

4. The Principal, in cooperation with other Division personnel, will establish a process and budget to support a professional staff development program.

5. Each Division school Principal shall report in writing to the Superintendent the school’s professional staff development plan by October 30th of each school year. The format for submission of this plan may be established by the Superintendent.



Admin Procedures: 715 Division Staff Development

Admin Procedures: 865 Information and Communication Technology


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval