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810: Protocol for Reporting Provincial Achievement & Diploma Examination Results

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Education Services



Sturgeon Public Schools believes that schools should report on an annual basis to its public results on Provincial Achievement Tests and Provincial Diploma Examinations.


The Associate Superintendent Education Services will be responsible for administering this Administrative Procedure.


1. Principals shall report to their public in the following areas:

1.1 Results for the Acceptable Standard and the Standard of Excellence on Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Examinations for all students enrolled in the grade level or course.

1.2 Five Year Analysis of Provincial Achievement Test and Diploma Examination results.

1.3 Achievement of School and Division Targets as outlined in the Three-Year Education Plan.

1.4 School and Division Planning documents shall be implemented to address areas of need.

2. Principals shall report to their public in accordance with guidelines established by Alberta Education.



Board Policy: 245 Appeals Regarding Student Matters
Admin Procedure: 805 Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting of Student Achievement
Education Act: Section 67
Guide to Education


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2021 May 20 Amended