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500: Transportation


The Board has established and operates a student transportation system to provide service to students attending their designated school. This service is available to all students within the Division who qualify for this service in accordance with the criteria outlined in this Policy, the Education Act and Regulations.

The Board believes that the responsibility for the provision of safe student transportation service is shared by employees of the Division, school bus contractors, school bus operators, parents/guardians and students.

The Board believes that its responsibility to provide safe and efficient transportation services can be accomplished by contracting with private firms and individuals.


2.1 Student – is an individual who is registered in Grades 1 – 12.

2.2 Resident School Rider - any student who lives 2.4 kms or farther from their designated school and attends their designated school.

2.3 Choice Rider - any student who lives 2.4 kms or closer to their designated school, or who attends a school other than their designated school.

2.3.1 This excludes French Immersion and Redwater students enrolled in CTS programming at Sturgeon Composite High School, not offered at Redwater. These students will be assessed a Resident School Rider fee.

2.4 Supplemental Bus - any student who is accessing an additional bus to an alternate address.

2.5 Outside Boundary Rider - any student who lives outside of the Sturgeon Public Schools transportation boundary and attends a Sturgeon Public School.


3.1 Subject to the regulations, a Division shall provide for the transportation of a student on regular morning and afternoon school bus routes, to and from the site of the school in which the Division has enrolled the student if:

3.1.1 the student resides within the boundaries of the district or division, and
3.1.2 the student resides within the attendance area established by the Policy 200.
3.1.3 the criteria, if any, set out in the regulations are met.

3.2 Children and students residing less than 2.4 km to the designated school site may be provided with transportation service only if space is available on an existing school bus route.

3.3 Transportation fees are reviewed and approved by the Board as part of the budget process.

3.4 Bus Operator Contracts

3.4.1 Contracts shall be awarded to the most qualified applicant and in compliance with Board Policy or Administrative Procedures.

3.4.2 Transportation Services, -Human Resources and one other administrator appointed by the Superintendent shall administer the process for selection of a new contractor.

3.4.3 School buses will only be operated by contractors who are properly licensed and who have been approved by Transportation Services.

3.4.4 School bus operators shall always operate their school buses in compliance with any legislation federal, provincial or municipal with respect to student transportation and school bus operation.

3.4.5 School bus operators shall always operate their school buses in compliance with the Division Policy and Administrative Procedures.

3.5 Changes in Bus Fleet

3.5.1 Increases and decreases in School Bus Fleet process: Transportation Services and the Associate Superintendent, Corporate Services make a recommendation to the Superintendent; Once the Superintendent has accepted this recommendation, the Transportation Committee will review the changes.

3.6 Fees

The fee schedule is approved by the Board on an annual basis and published under Policy 410 - Exhibit 1.

A prorated fee will be assessed as per the Education Act regulations to all new students joining the Division during the school year.

3.6.1 The Associate Superintendent, Corporate Services or designate shall be responsible for ensuring the collection of transportation fees is undertaken according to Division Policy and Administrative Procedures and for communicating the need for transportation fees to parents/guardians annually.

3.6.2 Fee Collection Fees shall be due and payable at the time of registration. Bus passes will be issued upon payment, or upon an established payment schedule. The Division reserves to right to remove services if payment is not received and no attempt is made to settle the overdue fees.

3.6.3 Refunds Refund requests will be reviewed by Transportation Services on a case-by-case basis.

3.6.4 Waivers In cases of genuine hardships, the Associate Superintendent, Corporate Services, in consultation with the school Principal, has the discretion to waive or make alternative payment arrangements. Any concerns and disputes of the transportation fees will follow the process as per Policy 245 – Appeals.

3.7 Routes and Schedules

3.7.1 Prior to commencement of each school year, Transportation Services shall establish bus routes for each school attendance area.

3.7.2 The school bus operator/contractor will confirm that each family on their route has been informed of the pickup location and the time of the school bus pickup prior to the commencement of the school year.

3.7.3 Prior to September 15th of each year, the Transportation Services shall provide each school with school bus route numbers and passenger lists for all buses that service the attendance area of the school.

3.7.4 The Principal shall provide Transportation Services with the names of any student who withdraw from the school or who is expelled or suspended from the school.

3.7.5 Alterations or extensions of school bus routes shall require the approval of the Transportation Services with the exception of short-term alterations or extensions incurred in emergency situations.

3.7.6 The Principal shall give advance notice to students, parents, and school bus operators of any planned activity that will change normal school operational hours and consequently reflect a change in school bus operating times.

3.8 Extra Distance

Extra distances incurred by school bus operators because of a bus route extension or alteration are to be recorded on a Notice of Change Form and submitted to Transportation Services for approval and payment.


Policy 245 Appeals
Policy 410 Fees
Administrative Procedure 550 Contract Bus Service
Administrative Procedure 580 Non-Resident/Non-Attendance Area Student Transportation
Education Act: Sections 7(1), 4(1)(8), 59(1)
School Transportation Regulation AR96/2019


2019 Mar 27 Initial Approval
2020 Apr 22 Reviewed
2020 May 27 Amended
2021 Oct 27 Reviewed
2022 Jun 22 Amended