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470: Cell Phone Provision

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Corporate Services


Sturgeon Public Schools shall determine job responsibilities that may require the use of a cell phone device.


The Associate Superintendent Corporate Services shall be responsible for administering this Administrative Procedure.


1. This procedure applies to all employees who, for safety or business continuity purposes, require a Division owned cell phone.

2. Eligibility criteria may include the following:

2.1 The duties of the position require that the employee work regularly away from land line communication and needs to be immediately accessible.

2.2 The duties of the position are such that immediate emergency response is critical or the employee is responsible for critical infrastructure or operational support and needs to be immediately accessible at all times.

2.3 The duties of the position require a significant amount of travel during regular work hours or outside normal hours and related to Division business.

Division-Owned Cell Phone Devices:

3. Additional charges resulting from use of a division-owned cell phone that is not business related shall be reimbursed by the employee to the Division.

3.1 Division-owned cell phones may be used for any legitimate safety, security or emergency purposes.

4. If the employee’s illegitimate or illegal conduct results in the need to terminate or change the cell phone contract, the employee shall bear the cost of any fees.

5. The employee is expected to return the division-owned device while on an extended leave of absence or upon their termination of employment.


6. Division owned cell phones must be password protected and locked when not in use.

7. If a division owned cell phone device is lost or stolen, the employee shall immediately report it to his/her supervisor, service provider and the Division Technology Services Department.

8. Roaming charges for business-related expenses shall have prior supervisor’s written approval. Supervisors shall send an email to Accounts Payable and the Technology Services Department notifying them of additional charges to be incurred or reimbursed as well as the start and end dates of the roaming period.

9. Division owned cellphones will be enrolled into an MDM (Mobile Device Management) where settings will be forced in order to setup, inventory, manage and secure.


Admin Procedure:

300 Security of Personal and Division Information
865 Information and Communication Technology

Cell Phone Allowance Request Form
Employee Expense Claim Form
Network Resources Responsible Use Protocol for Staff Form


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval