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871: Use of Personal Mobile Device for Division Business

Responsible Administrator:
Deputy Superintendent, Education Services


This procedure is part of the Division’s Responsible Use of Technology strategy. For eligible staff members, an alternative to a Division provided mobile device is a monthly reimbursement to the employee.

Security of information, and the tools that create, store and distribute that information are vital to the long-term health of our organization.

The reimbursement is intended to cover the following:

  • Business portion of the mobile device plan through a service provider
  • A portion of the monthly reimbursement is to be considered for future physical device replacement/upgrade

This procedure applies to all employees who have been identified as requiring a mobile phone for the purpose of conducting business on behalf of the Division. These employees are identified by the Associate Superintendent, Corporate Services.

This procedure provides rules for the acceptable use of personally owned devices on the corporate network.


The Deputy Superintendent, Education Services is responsible for maintaining this Administrative Procedure.


1. Principals and Supervisors shall review the following documents with all school-based employees and employees that require a cell phone to conduct School Division business:

1.1 this Administrative Procedure.

1.2 Use of Personal Mobile Device for Division Business Agreement (Exhibit 1).

1.3 AP870 - Responsible Use of Technology Services.

2. The Use of Personal Mobile Device for Division Business Agreement (Exhibit 1) will be reviewed and signed by interested parties annually.

3. Technology resources shall not be used to campaign, canvass for support, debate, or in any other manner encourage Division employees to take political action.

4. Technology resources shall not be used to promote positions in conflict with Division policies, programs, or other operational guidelines or directives.

5. Sturgeon Public Schools monitors network activity. If the Division discovers activities that do not comply with applicable law or Division policy, records will be retrieved in accordance with due process.

6. Users that wish to access the Division’s network using their personally owned device may do so using only authorized software and only with the approval of the user’s supervisor and the Technology Services department. 

Users must follow the same rules when access the network from both corporate-issued equipment and personally owned devices.  When connected to the Division's network, the user will NOT:

6.1 Use the service as part of violating the law

6.2 Attempt to break the security of any computer network or user

6.3 Attempt to send junk email or spam to anyone

6.4 Attempt to send a massive amount of email to a specific person or system to flood their server

7. The Division will provide a $75/month allowance for the use 75% to 99% use of personally owned mobile phone devices for the purpose of conducting business on behalf of the Division. The Division is not responsible for any additional costs associated with learning, administering, repairing, or installing of these devices.

Exhibit 1


AP300 - Security of Personal and Division Information
AP721 - Teachers and Professional Development
AP727 - Support Staff and Professional Development
AP865 - Information and Communication Technology
AP870 - Technology Resources Responsible Use SPS Staff Exhibit 1


2022 Aug 22 Initial Approval